This is needed when Skyspark is running behind nginx and has https installed. Java needs the certificate to properly authenticate and decipher the packets.

Step-by-step guide

Downloading certificate

  1. Go browser for the domain
  2. Click on the Url certificate window. Example uses chrome and windows: 
    1. Go to certificate details 
    2. Click on certificate information. 
    3. Copy to file
    4. Copy as 64 base. .cer file.

Installing certificate

  1. Copy the following command

    keytool -import -alias sunas -keystore "C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_31/lib/security/cacerts" -file C:/airhippo/beyond.cer
  2. save the .cer file under airhippo folder

  3. Open Command
  4. Cd to the bin folder of java installation.
  5. And type cmd in the section #1
  6. Cmd will ask for password
  7. Default cacert password is changeit type it and hit enter
  8. Type yes
  9. Certificate is added to java cacert.