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To collect history each bacnet point should have special tags.

Get history from Trend_log

Besides usual point’s tags (navName, disMacro, cur, his, point, etc.) point should have special tags to get history from bacnet connector:

  • bacnetConnRef(ref) reference to bacnet connector
  • bacnetHis(Str) points to Trend_Log id

Be sure trendLog tz is the same as point tz

In this case you can use bacnetSyncHis function. You can run it manually or make a job to run it automatically in some time period.


bacnetSyncHis(proxies, range)

Import the lastest data from an BACnet Trend Log object to the local history database. The proxies may be any value suppored by toRecList.

Each proxy record must contain:

  • bacnetConnRef: references the BACnet connector

  • bacnetHis: reference to the Trend Log object

  • his: all the standard historized point tags

If the range is unspecified, then an attempt is made to synchronize any data after hisEnd (last timestamp read).

Side effects:

  • performs blocking network IO

  • performs bacnetPing if first comms with bacnet conn

  • updates bacnetHis record with history data

  • updates hisStatus tag transiently

  • updates hisErr tag transiently

Collect history from curVal

If you want to get get history with collecting curVal point should have next tags:

  • bacnetConnRef(ref) reference to bacnet connector
  • bacnetCur(Str) points to bacnet point object (example on the picture above)
  • hisCollectCov(marker) or hisCollectInterval(duration)

In this case history will be collected from cur values automatically.

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